Final Exams

Each academic year the Fall, Spring, Summer Session 1 and Summer Session 2 Exam Calendars are published on the Student Services Center website.

Fall and Spring term official final exam assignments are found in SIS and are based on the exam calendars. The assigned location should be the same as the class’s regular meeting location, unless a change has been made by Registration & Records. 

Scheduling officers can see the assignment for a class in ‘Maintain Schedule of Classes’ under the ‘Exam’ tab.

Faculty and instructors can see the final exam assignments for all of their classes by visiting the ‘My Schedule’ page in their Faculty Center. Instructors should not administer their final exam at a time other than what’s assigned in SIS.

Final Exam Flags

Each semester, verify with instructors on whether they will use the room assigned to them for their final exam. The type of room does not matter. If they will use a physical location, please make sure the final exam flag is set as ‘YES’. This will allow students to properly see their final exam assignments in MyPack.

If instructors are making alternate arrangements with their students (e.g. an online assignment or a final paper) please change the exam flag in SIS to ‘NO’ so the room can be released and the final exam time slot removed from students’ schedules.

Making changes to the flags:

Step 1:  When in the Scheduling Work Center click on ‘Class Associations’ under the ‘More Class Scheduling’ section in the left menu.

Step 2:  At a minimum fill out the following fields and click on ‘Search’.

  • Academic Institution = NCSU1
  • Term = select the term that corresponds to the semester the class will be offered in (e.g. 2228 for Fall 2022 or 2231 for Spring 2023)
  • Subject Area = enter course prefix
  • Catalog Nbr

Step 3:  Click on the ‘Class Components’ tab.

Step 4:  In the ‘Final Exam’ drop-down menu select either ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or ‘Last Class Meeting’.

Step 5:  Click the ‘Save’ button in the bottom left corner.

Final Exam Assignment Changes

If the instructor needs to make a date, time, or location change to their assigned final exam an email should be submitted to Registration & Records at We may agree to an exception if certain stipulations are met, such as:

  1. All enrolled students are in agreement with the proposed change,
  2. Students with conflicts are permitted an alternate/make-up final exam, and
  3. The instructor’s department has approved the change.