Instructor/Advisor Table

To update an instructor record, including activating, deactivating, or changing academic organization permissions for teaching, use the Instructor/Advisor Table.

How to Navigate to Instructor/Advisor Table

  1. Log into MyPack Portal using a valid Unity ID and password
  2. Navigate to the Student Information System homepage
  3. Select the ‘Curriculum Management’ tile
  4. From the left-hand navigation menu, select ‘Scheduling Work Center’
  5. Select ‘Instructors/Advisors’ link

Enter the instructor information in the search criteria to retrieve the correct record. Newly hired personnel will not appear until the human resources hiring process is completed.

How to Edit the Instructor/Advisor Table

Before editing the Instructor/Advisor table, select the ‘Correct History’ button, or the table cannot be updated.

The following fields are required:

Instructor Details

Effective Date The activation date for the record. This date must fall before the start date of the term for which the instructor will be added to a course.
Status Active or Inactive. Only active instructors should be added to any course.
Instructor Type Select the appropriate title for the specific individual.
Primary Academic Org The home academic organization for the instructor.
Instructor Available Available, Sabbatical, or Unavailable. Only available instructors should be added to any course.
Advisor If the instructor is also serving as an advisor, this box should be checked. Once listed as an advisor, complete the information under ‘Instructor/Advisor Role’ (below)

Instructor/Advisor Role

Academic Career UGRD (undergraduate) or GRAD (graduate) should be entered if the instructor is also an advisor

Update Approved Courses

On the ‘Approved Courses’ tab, update specific academic organizations and/or subjects for which the instructor is approved to teach. Select the ‘+’ sign to add a new row for additional academic organizations and/or subject approvals.

Be sure to select ‘Save’ to save any changes.

Graduate-Level Permissions

As a reminder, all graduate-level instructor updates must be approved by the Graduate School. If an instructor needs permissions added, please review the material on the scheduling graduate courses here. Do not attempt to update graduate-level permissions to those who have not yet been approved.