Reserve Caps

Reserve Caps allow you to reserve a custom amount of seats for a class. These will include certain groups, such as majors or academic levels. You should only use this function for an amount of seats lower than the total enrollment cap of the class. Reserve caps cannot contain prerequisites, corequisites, or antirequisites.

General Information

Adding Reserve Caps

Under ‘Maintain Schedule of Classes,’ enter the class information and click on the ‘Reserve Cap’ tab.

Enter the start date for when you want your reserved seats to be saved for your group, the requirement group number, and the amount of seats you want reserved.

You can add an additional reserve cap with an existing one by clicking the plus sign under the Reserve Capacity section under the Reserve Cap tab. Each reserve cap must be on their own row.

Deleting Reserve Caps

To delete a reserve cap, under the ‘Reserve Cap’ tab under ‘Maintain Schedule of Classes,’ you can simply click the minus button on the reserve cap row. Then click ‘Save.’

Expiring a Reserve Cap

You can also select a date when you want your reserve cap to expire. This is done exactly like adding a reserve cap, but you enter a later date for when the reserve cap expires and change the cap enrollment to zero. Then click ‘Save.’

Note: Any additional reserve caps will end on the date of the first row, so end dates are not required for subsequent rows.