Scheduling Reports

Within the Scheduling Work Center, the Reports tab contains various scheduling reports that could provide useful information. Be sure the search preferences are updated appropriately, as reports pull based on this criteria.

Some reports found here include:

  • Class Schedule
  • Class Attributes
  • Combined Sections
  • Course Catalog History
  • Distance Education Courses
  • Enrollment – Sections at Maximum Capacity
  • Enrollment – Sections with Open Seats
  • Enrollment – Sections with Zero Enrolled
  • Wait List Rosters
  • Exam Schedule
  • Instructor – Class Sections
  • Instructor – Student Selection (Instructor Choice Sections)
  • Rooms – Classes Scheduled by Building
  • Rooms – Classes Scheduled by Room

Descriptions of individual reports can be found listed under the titles. These can be downloaded as Excel or HTML files.