In ‘Maintain Schedule of Classes,’ navigate to the ‘Meetings’ tab and then the ‘Instructors For Meeting Pattern’ portion of the page to find:

  • ID = the instructor’s employee ID number
  • Name = the name of the instructor
  • Instructor Role = the instructor type; there are three options to choose from:
    • Instructor of Record: responsible for overall design and conduct of course section; has ultimate responsibility for the final grade.
    • Classroom Instructor: provides day-to-day classroom activities, evaluates student work to determine achievement of learning outcomes for final grade.
    • Instructional Support: not responsible for planning or teaching but supports the instructor by handling logistics, grading homework, guest lecturing, facilitating lab sessions, or supervising field placement. (E.g. a TA or departmental technology support)
  • Print = this check box should be selected for the instructor to be visible to students in the class search
  • Access = assign ‘post’ for the instructors that should have access to post students’ final grades in the system at the end of the term. ‘Grade’ access will allow the viewing of students’ grades but instructor will not be able to post them.
  • +/- = click on the + box in order to add additional instructors
  • View All = useful option to view all instructors if there are more than two listed on a section


Important Notes

  • At least one Instructor of Record MUST be listed on every section.
  • For graduate courses (500 level and above), only instructors who have been approved by the NCSU Graduate School are permitted to be added. The Graduate School will assign the appropriate courses to that instructor in the ‘Instructor/Advisor Table’. Once this information is updated in SIS then the instructor will be eligible for you to search for and add to the section in ‘Maintain Schedule of Classes’.

Questions? Contact Jamie Digesare ( at the Graduate School.


Only classes with >5 students enrolled are eligible for evaluation.

If a Classroom Instructor is also listed on a class, that is the instructor that ClassEval will select to be evaluated for the class (not the Instructor of Record).

For questions about ClassEval please contact Grae Desmond ( in the Office of Institutional Strategy and Analysis.

Instructor Workloads

This information is required to be entered for all NC State classes, and enables the monitoring of the instructional and non-instructional workload for Instructors of Record, Classroom Instructors, and Instructional Support. This feature allows the entering of a percentage of work based on the instructor’s role. 

→ Instructor role type does not matter. Percentages should reflect instructional workload for that section. It is up to an academic department to assign an appropriate Load Factor.

→ The total for all instructors must equal 100%.

→ For classes with multiple instructors, Load Factors can be different percentages as long as the amount equals 100%. Load Factor can be zero by leaving the field blank, as long as other instructors still total 100%.