Meeting Patterns

Add or Change Class Meeting Times

In ‘Maintain Schedule of Classes,’ navigate to the ‘Meetings’ tab and then the ‘Meeting Pattern’ portion of the page to find:

  • Facility ID = location
  • Capacity = this is the official, approved seating capacity of the room; automatically populated onto the page
  • Pat = selection from a table of standard meeting patterns; please note this list is not all-inclusive
  • Mtg Start and Mtg End = class start and end times; the system will give you an alert if you are trying to alter to a non-standard class time
  • MTWTFSS = corresponds to the days of the week the class will meet; check the box underneath the day(s)
  • Start/End Date = auto populates based on the session and dates listed under the ‘Basic Data’ tab

Enter a Location

A section’s location is entered in the ‘Facility ID’ text box.

Only enter locations if they are non-“110” rooms. (e.g. DO enter “210” lab spaces, conference rooms, and department controlled meeting spaces.) If a “110” classroom is entered in the facility ID field, it will be deleted prior to the optimization period.

If a “110” classroom is needed, the Facility ID box should be left blank. During optimization, all sections with a meeting pattern and blank facility will be included in the classroom assignment.

For online Distance Education classes, enter ‘DEONLINE’ as the Facility ID. For use of a DELTA-controlled classroom, a request should be submitted to Jiakaira Dixon

Pre-Assign Requests

Does the instructor have a particular “110” classroom they need to use? If so, during open scheduling access, a pre-assign request should be submitted. Use the ‘Request Room’ link found under the Facility ID text box.

Requests should only be submitted in cases where only a specific room can be used for a particular section (e.g. instructor mobility or technology not found in other “110” classrooms). A specific and sufficient explanation must be provided for consideration. Justifications like “instructor likes room,” “room fits class,” and “class has been here before” are not appropriate and will be denied automatically. 

Location Changes

To request a “110” classroom change fill out and submit the Room Change Request Google form.

Standard Class Times

There are separate timetables for fall/spring terms and the summer sessions. The complete lists of time options are found on the Unified Campus Time Table.

All sections should be scheduled into one of these standard meeting times, making sure the meeting pattern is appropriate for the type of class (lecture, lab, problem session, etc.) and the credit/contact hours. Standard times allow for improved schedule flow for students, better stacking of classes in university classrooms, and reducing the number of unplaced sections.

Time Changes

To request a meeting pattern change after your open access has ended fill out and submit the Time Change Request Google form.

Non-Standard Class Times

If a department or instructor has a legitimate need to offer a section at a non-standard meeting time (i.e. any deviation from the official start times listed in the Unified Campus Time Table), then approve must be requested in advance.

The request is required to be submitted via the Non-Standard Meeting Pattern form by the deadline listed on the scheduling production schedule. Requests are reviewed by the Registration, Records and Calendar Committee only once per term, so these deadlines are strict.